Reto Crola ||| Drums


Andre Mathieu ||| Guitar/Vocals

1996: Punish formed by Huber [g], Hardy [b] and Mathieu [g]
1998: Crola [d] and Block [v] completing the lineup
2000: The 10-track debut "Punish" hits the stores
2001: Siegwart takes over bass duties
2004: Selfrelease of Demo-CD "Three Songs Of Mental Disorder"
2005: The EP "Four Songs In Morbid Lust" tempt to listen to attentively
2005: Hardy rejoins the squad
2006: Block dissapears, vocals get taken over by Hardy and Mathieu
2006: Two weeks European Tour supporting Norwegian Viking Warriors Helheim
2007: Release of "Dawn Of The Martyr" 10-track-CD [Quam Libet Records]
2008: Two weeks European Tour with reunited Death Metal heroes Nocturnus [US]
2009: Grindeathrash heavyweight "Raptus" rears its ugly head [Stonepath Records]
2013: New 10 Track Masterpiece "Sublunar Chaos" released [Apostasy Records]
2013: Monika Hagmann joins the Band as new Bassplayer

Monika Hagmann ||| Bass


Ralph Huber ||| Guitar


Punish shared stage with international Bands like:

After Death [US], Artillery [DK], Asphyx [NL], Atanatos [DE], Atheist [US], Avatar [SWE],
Belphegor [AT], Cannibal Corpse [US], Cilice [NL], Claustrofobia [BRA], Destruction [DE],
Exhumed [US], Helfahrt [DE], Helheim [NO], Hour Of Penance [IT], Illdisposed [DK],
Kathaarsys [ESP], Melechesh [NL], Nocturnus [US], Slechtvalk [NL], Thy Majestie [IT], Unlight [DE]


Punish uses: