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Interviewer: Ophelia

Punish, this Swiss band punches you in the face with their release Four Songs In Morbid Lust. How and when did you guys start?

"We all come from different corners of Switzerland and finally found the last member of nice, hard drinking blokes back in good old 1998 after a tiring search over two years. You really wanna know how? e.g. one was so stupid to answer a faked advertisement in a gay magazine, one was found so drunk that he signed a lifelong band member-contract without realizing anything and one of us still gets blackmailed because he'd run over the red cat from another of us, but the stories depends of whom in the band you're asking."

OK???? How long have you been together as a group?

"Join us at the liver breaking "10 years PUNISH a.k.a. the sad ballad of Weed, Whiskey & Women"-Party next year and you will get the best answer ever for a simple question!"

Nice! Do you see differences in the European music market versus the American music market and what differences do you see if any?

"A few years ago and as a good listener you were able to differ from where the bands come by listening to the sound only. But actually all borders disappear more and more. American bands like e.g. The Absence sound more Swedish than most Swedish bands do and that's a good sign that the building of a global metal community is in full progress. We're actual not many, but strong and the army grows, be aware."

Have you played any festivals? If so tell us about the best festival you have played at.

"We've headlined the "Meh Suff" Metal Festival (which means "More Drunkeness" here in Switzerland last year which was quite a good experience. In the middle of nowhere between grassland and forests and with a lovely, raw back-to-the-roots feeling. Take a look at the following link, read the english live review, take a look at the pics and you may eventually know what I mean (/ Furthermore we've participated as openers for Nowegian Helheim on the whole "Viking Warrior Crusade Tour 2006" last November through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. An actual milestone in our history and now we're voracious for more! Btw, some pics are viewable on our myspace site, enjoy."

How many cd's do you have released?

"Our self-titled debut in 2000 and two demos, "Three Songs of Mental Disorder" in '04 and "Four Songs in Morbid Lust" in '05. Finally we've finished last year our next full length entitled "Dawn of the Martyr" which we're searching for a label/ distribution/ "90+ ladies with too much money" for right now. Drop us a message if you're seriously interested in a business partnership and expect a sonic mayhem of technically yet bangable Death Metal, furious guitar duels, 10x drum lessons you'll never forget and aggressive Death/Black double shouts. Supported by a high-end production by Alex Krull, the singer of Atrocity at his Mastersound Studios in Germany. You'll get what you deserve!"

What bands are your biggest influence and who do you listen to?

"Like most musicians we're influenced by different artists we liked in the beginning but as a band we've never tried to sound like band XY. We always followed our own way but our biggest influences are anchored in Slayer and Chuck Schuldiner's Death to name two heroes. And we go on, the goal is absolutely uniqueness and "SOLD OUT"-signs in every fucking record shop around this bloody planet! As for bands we listen to, as far as I know there are actually tunes around like Belphegor, Dream Theater, Hank Williams III, Eminem, Goatwhore, Total Devastation, Strapping Young Lad, Cathedral, Napalm Death, The Crown, In Flames, Children of Bodom, ..."

What group/band do you think you would go well with?

"There are so many: Death, Cannibal Corpse, new Deicide, The Black Dahlia Murder, Necrophagist, Origin, Sadus, Atheist, Nekromantix, and and and..." Cool! Thanks for the interview guys! I know you're busy and have to get back to whatever you were doing LOL!! What would you like to tell your fans? "Read, discuss, ask, do! Knowledge is Power!! And keep fighting the battle for beer and for metal!! We bid farewell... - your beloved Punished Squad -" You can checkout their music on their site or hook up my Volume 5. There music is featured on it!!