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Hi guys whats up for those who doesn't know Punish can you tell us the bandhistory?

Early 1996 the two guitarists André Mathieu and Ralph Huber
together with the bass player Reto Hardmeier formed the Death-Metal-Band Punish.
In spring of 1998 they met up with drummer Reto Crola and singer Chris Block.
Their music, which partially is played very technically, has its roots quite clearly in Death Metal;
nevertheless influences from Thrash-Metal are obvious.
When the five musicians were in command of their entire repertoire, a demo tape was recorded.
Several concerts followed in Spring of 1999.
Then they recorded their first full length album at the "Headline Studio" in Deitingen, Switzerland.
Their first album under the band's name was released in March 2000.
In summer 2000, they presented their material at several concerts.
At the end of 2003 Punish recorded three new songs which were published in 2004 as MCD
"Three Songs in Mental Disorder".
After an intensive period of songwriting the next milestone was a studio session in December 2004.
With producer Alex Krull (Atrocity/ Leaves’ Eyes) four songs were recorded at the Mastersound-Studios in Fellbach (Germany).
The CD "Four Songs in Morbid Lust" was released in February 2005.
Early 2006 they regrouped to form a quartet.
The vocal part was taken over by Reto Hardmeier and André Mathieu.
Starched by the new gain power as a quartet, Punish entered the Mastersound-Studios again to record a 10 song album called
“Dawn of the Martyr”.
In November 2006, Punish played their first European tour as opener for the Norwegian Viking Warriors Helheim.
“Dawn of the Martyr” was released in July 2007 .

And how did you came up with the bandname PUNISH?

Well, I’m not quite shure about that, but I guess it was the idea of a hiphop girl our singer/bassplayer fucked….

We just reviewed your album and it totally blew me away,
Can you tell us some details about it?

Since we’ve been very happy with the recording of the mcd “four songs in morbid lust”,
we decided to enter the Mastersound-Studios again to record an album.
Most of the songs on “dawn of the martyr” have been written during 2005,
only the following three songs are from earlier days: “Miss Anne Thrope”, “The Sociopath”,
“Guiding the Wandering Lost Souls”.

It was released through quamlibet records how did you got the deal with them?

Quamlibet has been interested in PUNISH for a couple of years
and no other label had any interest in releasing the album,
so it was the best solution for both parts to do it with Quamlibet.

On the cd “Dawn of the Martyr”i hear different styles of influences,
Which bands are a big influence for you?

Actually, every band member has different musical preferences.
But I think the most important Bands are SLAYER and DEATH as well as some classical music

Can you give a comment/info on all songs?

The fast and furious opener “Obnoxious Objector” is about an aggressive idiot out of control.
Titletrack “Dawn of the Martyr” is against ALL religions.
“Miss Anne Thrope” is about a female suicide bomber.
The midtempo track “Neo Phosphorescent Insignificance” deals with the greedy and hollow society we are living in.
“The Sociopath” is about a person that every band member knows very well…
“Freaks” is about us.
“Guiding the Wandering Lost Souls”…no paradise…HELL AWAITS!
“Divinity Falls” curses all self-proclaimed master races.
“Moloch” is an instrumental.
Finally “Fragrance of Abomination” deals with hypocritical benefactors making money for themselves.

And how does the writing proces goes, Do you write all on the songs?

Every band member is writing songs and lyrics.

And which things are a influence for the lyrics?

We do lyrics on every subject we’re interested in. Politics, Society, Religion,
Love and Hate, Freaking out, Nonsense, etc.

Will their be a tour to support the new album and most of all
are you coming to the Netherlands?

Of course we would love to go on tour to support the new album, but there are no plans at the moment.
It’s very difficult for unknown bands to get the opportunity to join a tour.
But we are working on it…By the way, we’ve already played one show in the Netherlands
on the tour with HELHEIM.

What are the next plans for Punish?

In January/February 2008 we’re gonna make a new album at Andy Classen’s Stage One Studio.

And last but not least any final words for us?

Punishing thanks for being interested in our music and the opportunity of doing this interview.
We hope to be back in the Netherlands as soon as possible.
Buy our cd’s!