Album: Dawn of the Martyr
Review Source:
Reviewer: Ronnie K
Rating: 8.7/10

After two demo's and one album Punish returns with 'Dawn of the Martyr'. The cd was released by Quam Libet Records on the 27th of july. Punish plays a mix of Death and Black metal with a lot of technical guitar riffs in it Think of bands like Carcass (heartwork era) and sometimes even Dimmu Borgir. From the first song 'Obnoxious Objector' till the last song 'Fragrance of Abonimation' Its a one brutal all crushing highway to hell , not a weak moment on this cd. This is not a cd for the Metalheads that want to hear a nice ballad. 'Dawn of the Martyr' is for the hard aggresive Death/Black metalheads around. Their musical skills and brutal song writing makes this cd one to remember. Punish are on their way to be one of the highlights this year.