Album: Raptus
Review Source:
Reviewer: Alex
Rating: 4/5

Switzerland´s Punish ravage the underground since 1996 and already released 2 full length albums, 1 demo and 1 EP. With “Raptus”, the band is presenting their 3rd. longplayer and let me tell you it´s an impressive one. This is technical Death Metal with some slight Thrash Metal influences played on a very high level with fantastic skills and a real good production. The guitar work and the drumming are amazing and aggressive at any time, but melodic parts remain in each song. So it´s not only a bunch of compiled complicated riffs, but varied and sophisticated song structures with it´s own dynamics. All tracks are presented in high speed mainly, but the band also added some “slower” arrangements. These Swiss guys aren´t exactly on the same level with legendary Death, but once you´re into their stuff, you can easily imagine who was the inspiration. The vocals range from Death Metal growling to some Black Metal-like screams, which is another nice addiction to this high quality release. Everyone who´s interested in three-quarters of an hour of excellent technical Death Metal shouldn´t hesitate to give Punish a try. You can download it for free from their homepage, but I recommend to buy the normal CD version, which is more significant for your personal collection.