Album: Dawn of the Martyr
Review Source: PULL THE CHAIN
Reviewer: Georges
Rating: -

Punish from Switzerland began their musical journey through the underground in 2000 and the record of their self-released first album. The four pieces is no unknown entity to me as I already reviewed a couple of years ago their «Four Songs In Morbid Lust» demo. The ten tracks on their new full-length released through Quam Libet Records are a classic mixture of death and thrash metal. Although both the compositions and the general musical direction are more death metal orientated, the nice and catchy guitar works (that include some nice solo actions as witnessed by «Dawn of the Martyr» or «Divinity Falls» for instance) makes it sound a bit more thrash metal. Punish are standard mid-paced death metal of the nineties European scene. It is something you will really appreciate if you like the direct ‘old-school’ sound as it’s retro without being old-fashioned and as it delivers enough bestiality to make your head nod from the first to the last minutes. «Dawn of the Martyr» delivers an interesting collection of songs with many exciting moments and well worth investigating. Good death metal here.